Welcome to Fostering Futures

Fostering Futures is a non-profit, child placing agency founded on a strong commitment to providing the best services to children and families in the foster care system. The agency offers foster care services, licensing of new foster parents including relatives, independent living and adoption services.

Fostering Futures will provide a safe haven for everyone that receives services or employment under the auspice of its name. Fostering Futures is based on the foundation of sound clinical practice and a goal to meet the therapeutic needs of children during times of transition, turmoil, and ultimately, during a time of safety and resolution. All needs are met through a systemic, psychotherapeutic and empowering approach to treatment and the care of the family and children.

Fostering Futures will consistently direct all foster care money towards the needs of the children, their families and the consistency of their care. Employees are well-compensated and given balanced work-loads which enables them to commit to the agency and its clients long-term.

Fostering Futures will function as a team with its staff, foster parents and referring agencies within a supportive, sound and transparent business structure. Fostering Futures strives to be innovative and to grow with the needs of the community and all persons involved in its proposed mission.

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3300 Washtenaw Ave. Suite 260
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
Agency #CB810302599
Provider #2369309
Phone Number: (734) 481-8999
Fax Number: (734) 369-3291
Emergency Phone Number
(734) 819-8419

It is turned on each day at 5pm and turned off again at 8:30am Monday through Friday.
It then stays on all weekend till Monday 8:30am